About Backyard Boxes

We love the backyard lifestyle, good food and power tools so making outdoor spaces that people love to be in is just part of who we are.

We formed Backyard Boxes in 2019 because we weren't satisfied with many of the gardening products available on the market.  Raised beds were available online and required assembly or DIY projects that required tools, time and materials.

We wanted to provide a better option.  Sturdy, great looking, all cedar garden beds, delivered fully assembled and ready for planting.

Why Backyard Boxes?

Raised Bed Gardening enables you to take control of your garden and can even increase productivity of your plants.

Your Garden should be a place that you like to be in and that you can take pride in.  Your raised beds should have a positive impact on your garden for a long time.

All Backyard Boxes are designed and built with those things in mind. 

  • They are engineered to be sturdy enough to last for years and stand up to the elements.

  • We use only premium appearance grade cedar for natural beauty and chemical-free rot resistance

Why Cedar?

All Backyard Boxes are built using premium appearance grade cedar because it's the right thing to do.  Cedar will last longer, look better and is safer to use than other available materials.

  • Cedar is naturally rot and insect resistant which means that our boxes will last for years without needing additional treatments or chemicals.  Pine would start to rot within a couple of seasons and pressure treated wood is pumped with chemicals to keep it from rotting.  Chemicals that could then leak into your soil.

  • Cedar's grain and coloration make for a naturally beautiful finished product



How do I care for my new garden bed?

We use only premium grade cedar to ensure clean look and sturdy construction.  Cedar is naturally rot resistant so you do not need to put a sealant on it.  Some customers like to stain their garden beds.  Doing so will help the boxes retain their color but it is not necessary to do so for their care.  Without stain, our boxes will age similarly to a cedar fence.

Do I need a bottom or liner for my garden bed?

Do you make custom sizes?


In most cases, no.  But there are some times you might consider it.  We recommend never lining your garden bed with plastic as doing so will trap moisture and rot the wood. 

Garden fabric can be put down on the bottom to help keep weeds out, but will reduce the ability of longer root vegetables to reach deep in the soil.  Similarly, if critters are a problem, a hard bottom (with holes for drainage) can come in handy.

Yes!  If you have a unique need, please let us know what that is.  We can make our garden beds up to 10' wide.  We also offer custom work.  Check out our gallery for some examples of our work.  Contact us and we'll be happy to work with you to build to your needs.



Serving both the Denver CO and Boise ID areas.

Deliveries available anywhere in the boxed-in area on the map for a flat fee of $35 (waived for orders over $450).

Live outside this delivery area?  Let us know and we'll quote you a delivery price.  Or schedule a time to pick up from our shop for no charge.


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